Indian Rupee Movie Review.

“Indian Rupee” is a must-see !!
After success of brilliantly-crafted satire ‘Pranchiyettan & the Saint’, another Ranjith creation, “Indian Rupee” released with above average welcome on releasing centres.
‘Indian Rupee’ has been produced by Prithviraj , Shaji Nadeshan and Santosh Sivan under the banner of August Cinema.
Ranjith, whose the director plus writer of ‘Indian Rupee’ who launched Prithviraj in the finely crafted Nandanam some years back and also the director-actor duo joined in the film ‘Thirakadha’ which gets good appreciations.
“Indian Rupee” is about money as it’s title suggests. The movie discusses about the popular sentiment that money is often the deciding factor in our lives. Prithviraj plays Jayaprakash aka JP, a young man who is not well educated, but who dreams of amassing great fortune as a real estate broker. He makes his dream true to certain extent. Then he realises another aspects of life in the process.
Great performer Thilakan is back with a strong character,Achutha Menon. Rima Kallingal plays the heroine in Indian Rupee, as a doctor working in a government hospital. Tini Tom, , Lalu Alex, Jagathy Sreekumar,Maamukoya , Shammi Thilakan, Mallika are part of the cast.
Prithviraj plays Jayaprakash, a young man who dreams of making it big as a real-estate broker. Surendran (Lalu Alex) is an elderly friend of his. His younger sister Beena (Rima Kallingal) is in love with Jayaprakash. JP is in search for his real break in life. Only his lady love, Dr. Beena understand his struggle. JP runs through the underbelly of Calicut operating from their make shift film distribution office turned real estate shack. To their mundane existence enters Achutha Menon(Thilakan), a man with mystery in his past. He gives them a grand plan which would change their lives forever. JP decides to throw the dice. Fate turns around spinning him into a wheel round of events which alter everything around him including relationships, love, friendship and even integrity. This plot makes the movie ‘Indian Rupee’ really interesting..
Ranjith knows that expectations are high on ‘Indian Rupee’. As per expectations Ranjith did it too !!
‘Indian Rupee’ is a a charming film that’s plainly life-affirming without being overly pretentious or markedly melodramatic.
Ranjith finely-plotted and intelligently-directed movie, which can impress audiences with its notable narrative structure.
It should be specialy mentioned that Jayaprakash alias JP is one of Prithviraj’s verybest roles in his career.Prithviraj once again appear restrained as a man with extraordinary act of kindness, to come up with a superior performance.Thilakan gives a stellar performance as Achutha Menon. Tini Tom and Lalu Alex is impressive . Rima Kallingal has given an excellent performance. Jagathy Sreekumar,Mammukoya, Kalpana, Mallika, Babu Nampoothiri, Shammi Thilakan have done justice to their respective roles. Of the supporting cast, the much-hyped cameos by Revathy, Asif Ali and Fahad Fasil look apt. All the others in the cast too have done well under the creative spell of the director Renjith.
Beautiful songs tuned by Shahabaz Aman and written by Mullanezhi and V.R. Santhoshl jell well with the plot and situations. S.Kumar’s cinematography takes one’s breath away and has made visuals that aptly suit plot. Art by Santhosh Raman and Editing by Vijay Shankar makes the movie more beautiful. Technically the film is superb without having to indulge in gimmicks. Every element finds its way into the film . Ranjith pour irony, love , sentiment and humour in good measure without ever tending to be melodramatic or overtly sentimental. “Indian Rupee” is a leaf of contemporary life.
Bravo Ranjith, you have once again proved that you are one of the best craftsmen of Malayalam cinema.
“Indian Rupee” is a must-see for those who really crave for good cinema.
Verdict: Superb.

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