Innaanu aa Kalyanam movie review

Movie : Innaanu aa Kalyanam
Director : Rajasenan
Music : Biji Bal
Cast : Rejath Menen, Saranya Mohan, Malavika

Remember those old fashioned campus-romance flicks, where the virtuous hero from a poor household falls in love with a rich girl, who has eyes only for him but not the courage to reveal it?

Well, if you think those kinds of stories are things of past, director Rajasenan�s Innaanu aa Kalyanam is an irritatingly boring movie on the same track.

There is the hero Karthik (Rejath Menen), an engineering student who is brilliant in studies, can sing and of course comes from a poor background. And then there are two girls, Aisha (Saranya Mohan) and Neelima (Malavika), who are intimate friends studying in the same college.

Neelima, from a rich family, is madly in love with the hero but is hesitant to tell him about her feelings. Some silly confusion happens and the hero falls in love with Aisha.

Rajasenan painstakingly includes all the ingredients which have long been accepted as part of such themes. From the love affair between a dumb principal and a sexy teacher, a stupid peon, the mandatory tour where an item number happens all on a sudden to a bad boy named Kunjumon (Roshan), who is the epitome of all vices, there are all those clich�d specimens.

If you are not dead by now watching all these antics, the director dares to go further with a ridiculous looking NRI, played by Ashokan. It�s a shame that such a fine actor like Ashokan has agreed to do this kind of blatant buffoonery!

The less said about the performances, the better. The only saving grace could be Saranya Mohan, who stands apart from the rest. The lead actors are wooden and the rest are loud. But with a script which is not worth much, perhaps the actors could have done nothing impressive either. Vinod Illampilly�s camera is okay in parts and some of Biji Bal�s songs are good.

Rajasenan may have done some good films in the past but that is not a license to make crap films like Innaanu aa Kalyanam. He hits a new low with this one and the only good thing here could be that he is not acting in it, unlike the two earlier misadventures. When will directors like Rajasenan realize that the world around them has moved on?

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