Jan -Feb Release list

The cricket world cup is starting on February 19 and will go up to April 2.

During that period big Malayalam films are unlikely to release. Added to that it will be examination season in March, which traditionally is no release time.

Here is a list of releases which are for January- February. These films have made bookings with theatres and are mostly getting ready to hit the screens.

January 7- Traffic, Kayam, Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram (all released)

January 14 –  (1) Ithu Nammuda Katha (remake of Tamil Nadodigal)
Cast- Asif Nishan and Abhishek
Director- Rajesh Kannankara

(2) Not Out
Cast- Nishan, Mitra Kurian, Anoop Chandran
Director-Kutty Naduvil

January 21- (1) Kudumba Sree Travel
Cast- Jayaram, Bhavana, Jagathy
Director- Kiran

(2) Metro
Cast- Sarathkumar, Suresh Krishna,Rima Kalingal
Director- Vyasan Edavanakkad

January 28-  Arjunan Sakshi
Cast- Prithviraj, Ann Augustine, Jagathy
Director- Ranjith Shankar

February 4-  August 15
Cast- Mammootty, Meghna Raj, Lalu Alex
Director-Shaji Kailas.

February 11- Make Up Man
Cast- Jayaram, Sheela, Prithviraj
Director- Shafi

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