Jyothirmayi happy as ‘Thantedam’ girl

Actress Jyothirmayi, who has been selected as the ambassador of the ‘Thantedam Gender fest’ organized by the Department of Social Welfare, is back to limelight.  The actress known for her bold nature and opinions is happy for being in the post and finds it interesting to work for women empowerment.  Jyothirmayi observes that though women can excel in any field, they are forced to work harder than the other gender to create a name.

The 10 day-long festival held at Calicut  promised an abundance of opportunities for women to share their fears, hopes and thoughts, showcase their skills and intellect, strengthen their solidarity and sisterhood, question patriarchal practises and voice their demands.Many popular names of the kerala cultural sphere were at the festival, talking about womanhood and empowerment.

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