Jyothirmayi turns deglamorous

It is normal to see in film dom, actresses turning to more and more sexy and glamorous roles, whenever they feel that they have a deficit in the number of committed films. But in the case of Jyothirmayi, its seems to be a different sort of thinking that is guiding her these days. Jyothi is more into deglam roles these days, asking for more characters to prove her acting than to resort to skin shows. The idea behind all, according to her is simple-You can be in a glamorous role at any pint of your career. But quality roles come rarely’.

Jyothi will be seen in deglam characters like that she had done recently for the film ‘Sthalam’- a movie about conserving mangroves. She has also recently agreed to play the role of the mother of an autistic child in the new movie ‘Urava’, to directed by Srrevaltsan, the scriptwriter of popular television soaps like ‘Jwalayayi’ and “Guruvayoorappan’.Irshad will appear as her screen pair in this movie which will have her as the character named Chandrika.

The actress who recently won hearts working as the ambassador for the women imitative from the state government ‘Thantedam’ is sure to go places, if she can thing this rightest ways, we suppose.

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