Kalavani Movie Review

‘Cool’ could be the right choice to describe ‘Kalavani’ in one word. Hardly the fact that the movie is directed by a debutant and there are no big stars in it would strike you, as you would be so glued to the film right from scene one.

In other words, ‘Kalavani’, directed by fresher Sargunam (a former associate of ‘Kireedam’ fame Vijay) is a light hearted film that comes across as a whiff of fresh air, throwing light on the sense and sensibility of human relationships.

The story is nothing new. It is about a boy and a girl from two different villages which are at loggerheads for years. Not just that, the girl has an elder brother too, who poses hurdles to the affair, a regular thing in most of the movies made in these parts.

But the treatment the director has given to the script and the way he narrated the story win all accolades. Aptly helping him is cinematography by Om Prakash and music by S S Kumaran (of ‘Poo’ fame), not to forget the support given by producer Nazir to make such a different venture.

Arikki (Vimal), a good for nothing youth, is pampered by his mother (Saranya), with his father (Ilavarasu) working in Dubai sending money for their survival. Arikki is the one who also does some harmless minor heists and makes marriage proposals to every girl he meets.

But things change when he falls for Maheswari (Oviya), a girl from a nearby village whose terms with Arikki’s place is not worth mentioning. The feud between the two villages is further fueled when one of Arikki’s friends crosses swords with Ilango (Thirumurugan), Maheswari’s brother.

How Arikki successfully crosses all hurdles and ties the knot to Maheswari is the rest of the story, which is told in a lively and unconventional way that could even make you to roll over the floor laughing.

For Vimal, it is an extension of his ‘Pasanga’ act and he does it with ease. Oviya fits well to the role of a village belle. The experience of Saranya and Ilavarasu is visible on screen while debutant Thirumurugan marks his presence. Ganja Karuppu as Panchayathu tickles the funny bone.

If you are ready to forget some loopholes which you rarely come across and game for a fun-filled ride, ‘Kalavani’ could be a wise choice to spend some quality time. For films like ‘Kalavani’ is not a regular happening in Tamil cinema.

Cast: Vimal, Oviya, Saranya Ponvannan, Ganja Karuppu, Ilavarasu, Soori, Sujatha, Thirumurugan
Direction: Sargunam
Production: Naseer
Music: S S Kumarn

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