Katha Samvidhanam Kunchacko

Another insipid, asinine attempt at film making, Srinivasan’s new flick ‘Katha, Samvidhanam :Kunchaakkoo’ is a test of patience for the few who already have their outing to see a family movie. The big gap that director Haridas Keshavan had in churning out regular flicks seems to have taken away his skill in narrating a somewhat promising storyline effectively. The pointless piece of work which is not sure of what it needs to deliver struggles from flat build-ups and conventional style of making.

The movie has Srinivasan as the protagonist Aramanyil Kunchacko – a millionaire who reaches the top from his humble beginnings. Though Kunchacko is coming from a notorious background, his cunningness in shrewd business deals creates a self-made empire for himself including a medical college, multiplex, supermarkets and many other private institutions including banks. His unpolished maneuver creates a lot of problems for his family members who were never ever allowed to use these fortunes at their will.

One fine morning Kunchakko accepts to the demand from his friend father Vattappara and decides to get married at the age of fifty. He finds a software techie Aan Mary, one of his loan defaulters, as an able lady to support him in life. Surprisingly Ann Mary, who is half the age of Kunchakko, agrees to the proposal and they get married. But on the day of the marriage something unimaginable reforms the greedy Kunchakko, and he starts to behave in new manners that were known to none before.

The director succeeds to sail the movie successfully through the first half, though in a leisurely pace and with serial type shots of debutant Sajad Menon. But, he gets dumped definitely in the later half in an attempt to pulling something out for the audience. Though the spirit of redemption of a wicked man, who is increasingly scarred of his past deeds is an ever promising plot, tried umpteen times in Mollywood before, the dialogues and sequences of them in the later half are even amateurishly done, doesn’t suit the stature of a scriptwriter like Dennis Joseph and a director like Haridas who won an award for direction with his debut film itself.

Srinivasan appears surprisingly non affable and stiff in the clothes of Kunchakko. His double role of the sibling is equally destructive to the proceedings. Meena’s role doesn’t have any character to play except to appear beautiful and roam around. And the rest of the men in the cast have nothing exceptional to do.

The only song in the film ”Neelakoovala” rendered by Rajalekshmy and Vineeth Srinivasan sounds good, but sprouts up at the wrong time and reminds us of a similar song from ”Udhayannau Thaaram”. S Jayan in background scoring has tried to connect the missing moments across shots, but with no director in the helm to club things together. The movie ends up as just another inane journey towards mayhem.

Movie:Kadha Samvidhanam Kunchacko
Director:Haridas Kesavan
Music:M Jayachandran
Cast:Sreenivasan, Meena

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