King vs. Commissioner dropped

Mammootty and Suresh Gopi has been having cold war for years.

Top commercial director Shaji Kailas has been trying his best to bring them together in his King Versus Commissioner.

King v/s Commissioner was to be an ambitious big budget movie in which Mammootty’s Thevalliparambil Joseph Alex IAS the dynamic District Collector from the movie The King will clash with Bharathchandran IPS, of the Commissioner.

For months Shaji tried to convince Mammootty and Suresh Gopi, but due to petty ego issues it did not work out.

The latest is that Shaji Kailas himself has announced that King v/s Commissioner Project has been abandoned.

Shaji Kailas will now instead do a film with with his pal, screen play writer Ranji Panicker in which Mammootty will be appearing as Thevalliparambil Joseph Alex IAS.

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