Kutty Sranku Movie Review

The rather eventful life of Kutty Sranku is being told through the versions narrated by three women, who came into his life, at various junctures. Director Shaji N Karun chooses to present the film in an almost in a conventional format, but an interesting one indeed.The story begins with Revamma (Padmapriya) identifying Kutty Sranku’s (Mammootty) dead body. The Sranku was once a confidant of her father, the rich and powerful Mooppan. She went to Sri Lanka to study medicine, came back after accepting Buddhist faith and could never forgive her father for killing her mother.

Pemmena (Kamalini Mukherjee) arrives at the police station where Sranku’s body was kept, next. She came into the life of Sranku, when he was actively involved with a Chavittunatakam troupe led by Loni san (Suresh Krishna), who was her brother. She was attracted to Sranku, but he always ignored her romantic advances.

It was Kali (Meena Kumari), a mute woman, who stole Sranku’s heart with her selfless love. She was regarded with contempt by all but Sranku realized her virtues. She was pregnant with the man’s child by the time she came to identify him.

At just over two hours and fifteen minutes Kutty Sranku takes its own leisurely pace to unveil but then the film has its genuine moments. Still, you feel the film does make only a limited impact on the minds of the viewers, even when the end credits start rolling. Though the director has linked the three stories well, none of them makes much of an effect and narrating the stories one after the other in turn makes it mechanical to some extent.

But director Shaji N Karun has got things under control and has succeeded in giving an authentic feel to the whole film. The story steams ahead in a nice way but one gets the feeling that a tighter script could have made the film look more engrossing. The visuals by Anjali Shukla are attractive and the music by Isaac Thomas Kottukappilly suits the mood generally. The graphics, however, often looks out-of-place.

Though he has only limited dialogues, Mammootty comes up with an endearing performance and makes his mark with his subtle and restrained acting style. He looks genuinely handsome and that justifies why the women lose their hearts to his character so easily. All the three heroines have done their roles in an impressive way. Watch out for a scintillating show by Suresh Krishna, who has given his heart and soul to his character, Loni Asan.

The film touches your heart mostly with its earnest approach. In these times when trashy stuff is being marketed as spectacular films, Kutty Sranku is certainly different and is a great relief, no two ways about that. The film may not be perfect, but then it is at least worthwhile for any serious movie buff to sit and discuss about the merits or shortcomings of such sensible movies instead of wasting time on damp squibs. Watch this one!

Verdict: Good – 3/5

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