Lady Gaga egg-cellent work

Post the Grammy’s Lady Gaga is making news for more reasons than one. One, for the awesome opening she gave at the Grammy’s – hatching from an egg before crooning a song. Two, for being true to herself and openly admitting that she does drugs while penning down songs. And now the lady is making news again.

This time it is about her practice session for the grand opening she made at the Grammy’s. A huge egg being carried to the stage not only created a surreal experience for the onlookers but also definitely enticed them in wonderment as to what would follow.

Speaking about her experience practicing song, the lady behind the show has revealed that she was in the egg for nearly 72 hours! The time she spent encased also prepared her for the real meaning of the song, revealed the pop queen. The song ‘Born This Way’ is from her album with the same title; the album will hit stands in May. Sources also reveal that yet another song from the album will be out during the month end!

It sure was egg-cellent work! Very creative as well as visually impressive.

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