‘Lady in the Water’


Language: ENGLISH Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller Director: M. Night Shyamalan Producer: Sam Mercer, M. Night Shyamalan Cast: Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffrey Wright

‘Lady in the Water’ was actually written by M. Night Shyamalan as a bedtime story for his daughters. Probably that is why it fails as a film, more so if you are looking for his signature style.

Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti) is the caretaker of ‘Cove’ an apartment complex. One night disturbed by the sound of someone swimming in the pool in the dead of the night, he steps out to explore. Noticing the figure of a woman in the water, he calls out to her and falls into the pool only to be rescued by her, a nymph look alike.

The nymph stays with him and we are told through the story related by a Korean woman staying in the apartment, that the water creature was a nymph with a message for humans.

The nymph it seems has journeyed into the Earth to inspire a writer who will create something for the betterment of mankind. After her mission is done, she will go back to her world. But following her movements closely is her enemy, a hyena like beast called the ‘scrunt.’

Heep is in a fix pondering who could be the writer whom the nymph will inspire and he visits the residents to find out. One of them is a writer of a cookbook played by Shyamalan.img440/623/ladygt5.jpg

And when the time comes for the nymph to return to the pool, Heep enlists the help of some of the residents of ‘Cove.’ While the ‘scrunt’ is waiting among the bushes to pounce on the nymph, Heep supports her and guides her to the pool.

The film may pass as a bedtime story for children but to make a film out of it is too far fetched. Come on, we are not kids to fall for such a ridiculous tale. Certainly Shyamalan could have done better than that. His touch of mystery seen in ‘The Sixth Sense’ is missing.

There is nothing worth remembering about the film, except Paul Giamatti as the stuttering caretaker who protects the nymph like a father. He certainly leaves a mark with his acting. Shyamalan is wooden in his role and so is Bryce Dallas Howard as the ‘Lady in the water.’

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