Made of Honour

Yet another case of ‘Oops, I’m in love with my best friend, who is engaged to someone else’! Patrick Dempsey is not quite your dashing young hottie and appears a tad too old for the Casanova he plays in Made of Honour, but he is no less likeable. He treats women like they were born merely to satiate his libidinal urges, and once they’ve discharged their duty he lets them know the ride is over and it’s time to get off! But our man has one woman in his life for whom he truly cares, and she is Hannah [Michelle Monaghan]. The two have been best pals since college, so they’ve known each other for ten years. But they are just friends, mind you!

When Hannah has to leave for a few weeks to Scotland and conveys the same to Tom [Patrick Dempsey], he whines, “How can I live without you?” And we all know that eventually Tom will figure out that Hannah is the love of his life. When Hannah returns from Scotland, she is afloat on cloud nine, following her engagement to an affluent Scotsman Colin [Kevin McKidd]. He came along as her knight in shining armour and rescued her, the damsel distressed in her car, caught at a cattle crossing in a very scenic locale in Scotland. And predictably, it is the announcement of her engagement, the prospect of losing her, that makes Tom see that she is his soul mate. But it’s too late now – or is it?

Interestingly, Hannah asks that Tom be her Maid of Honour at her wedding, and Tom actually agrees! He consents, hoping that this way, he would get more time to spend with her and therefore, win her over. Does he? You already know the answer to that, but checking out the Made of Honour at a cinema near you, will be quite worth your while!

The Made of Honour is quite a mish-mash of My Best Friend’s Wedding and Sweet Home Alabama, but comes across as quite an entertaining flick – neither too mushy nor too satirical. Michelle Monaghan’s presence is endearing and Patrick Dempsey has tried his best to infuse some boyish charm into his acting. The movie is set in some really breathtaking backdrops that help improve the fantasy element. Altogether, what we have in Made of Honour is a romance spun on the wings of a well-tested story line, in a gorgeously picturesque setting.

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