Malayalam movie Shikkar-Mohanlal-Sneha Photos

Shikkar is the revenge story of Balaraman,a lorry driver and in which Mohanlal does the lead role and Sneha does the heroine. And NADODIGAL fame Ananya does the role of a daughter of mohanlal in Shikkar.Neelathamara fame Kailesh also does a descent role in Shikkar,Shikkar is directed by Padmakumar who has directed Vargam,Vasthavam and Parunthu.Padmakumar joins first time with mohanal,the songs are done by M.Jayachandran.The initial looks of Shikkar indicates that its a revenge story and resembles the old Mohanlal movie Thazhvaram or new mohanlal movie Bhramaram.The script is done by S.Suresh Babu,and Shiikkar is expected to release next month.

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