Mammootty’s car hit by bus

A private bus operating on Aroor-Ernakulam route hit Malayalam megastar Mammootty’s car from behind at Aroor temple junction signal on Tuesday at 5.30 p.m.

The bus crashed into the rear end of the car which had stopped at the traffic signal at Aroor temple junction. Mammootty, sitting inside the car, was on his way back to his home in Ernakulam from the sets of director Shafi’s Vennicile Vyapari in Allapuzha.

The crash caused a major dent in the car, though no one was injured. The Aroor police immediately came to Mammootty’s rescue and seized the bus. However, Mammootty told the police that he did not want any case registered against the bus driver as he apologized to the star, saying that the accident occurred due to his rash driving. Mammootty later left for Kochi.

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