Mammooty with Balachandramenon

kunjanandhante kada

As the new movie’Kunjananthante Kada’ is all set to start its run in theatres, the viewers will be all curious to watch a get together of two great actors on screens.  The movie will showcase the acting talents of Mammootty and Balachandramenon sharing the screens, after a gap of seven years.

BalachandraMenon will comeup as Advocate Moidhu in this movie,while Mammooty appear in the title character  for whom this Moidhu Vakkil appears on family court, for  divorce case .Nyla Usha is the heroine of the movie which talks about issues on separation. Rafeeq Ahamed, Madhu Ambat, M Jayachandran and Rasool Pookuutty are also in the crew of the movie coming up form National Award winning director Salim Ahamed

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