Mammoty mohanlal clash again

The Mollywood box office is once again open for the battle between the two superstars of Malayalam films, this Vishu. But the films on the fray ‘Doubles’ and ‘China Town’ has opted for different release patterns with the former making an opening in 65 centres while the later making it to 101 theatres. Interestingly these 101 centres cover 67 centres in the state. Both the movies are planning to open in other city headquarters across the nation in the coming weeks.

‘China Town’ has made it to more than one theatre in at least around thirty centres. The capital city will have the movie in 3 theatres while Ernakulm will have it in seven centres.

‘Doubles’ on the other hand will be shown in multiple centres, only in the metro city for Ernakulam. While ‘China Town’ is planning to go for 500 shows with the first show opening by 9 in the morning in every centres, ‘Doubles’ by Sohan Seenulal will have only 280 first day shows. It will be of interest to watch whether this long run theory of ‘Doubles will work out in the modern times or whether ‘China Town’ banking on the opening initials will have the last laugh.

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