Mirapakay Movie Review

Director: Harish Shankar
Cast: Ravi Teja, Richa Gangopadhyay, Deeksha Seth
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Rajasekhar

Behind the Movie

Mass Maharaj Raviteja is arriving for the season with ‘Mirapakay’ following next to his last hit ‘Don Seenu.’ Director Harish Shankar failed with his debut ‘Shock’ is to check the luck while Richa Gangapodhyay and Deeksha Seth to serve the spice element of ‘Mirapakay’ Audio from Thaman secured good reports and audience are hoping a good start from Raviteja to year 2011. Let us see how spice was this ‘Mirapakay’?

In the Movie Mirapakay

Movie starts in New Delhi as ACP Srinivas (Sanjay Swaroop) is killed by members of International Mafia Don Kittu (Prakashraj). Intelligence Bureau Chief Narayana Murthy (Naga Babu) appoints Intelligence Inspector Rishi (Raviteja) and Gupta (Brahmaji) to work under cover tracing the clues of Kittu. Accordingly naughty, jovial Rishi and Gupta are sent to Hyderabad where Rishi is appointed as Hindi lecturer in a Degree college with a mission to catch Kittu. Without wasting any more time, Rishi falls in love with his student Vinamra (Richa), a traditional Brahmin girl who too reciprocates with two duet songs instantly.

The actual duty of Rishi is to trap one more student Vaishali (Deeksha Seth), daughter of Kittu who comes to pursue Degree in the same college which is run by Anna (Kota Srinivas Rao), a chamcha to Kittu. Unfortunately, Vinamra and Vaishali fall in love with Rishi then story takes a twist with deaths of Anna and his son while the actual identity of Rishi is revealed to Kittu hiding in Bangkok. How did Rishi complete the final job by surrendering Kittu to Interpol? Is it Vaishali or Vinamra, who won the love of Rishi? form the climax.


Raviteja is a Power House who spills energy through out the movie. No where do we see a new shade of Raviteja as his regular histrionics and powerful comedy timing provide laughter at least once in every scene. Body language of Raviteja is unchanged and is just an extension to the one in ‘Don Seenu.’ Heroine Richa Gangopadhyay is high in base value and low in face value. Except throwing away her assets before camera, she hasn’t done any good job performance wise. Secondly Deeksha Seth comes few minutes before intermission and the tall beauty is looking hot ready to get tapped. Among the others comedy by Brahmaji, College Peon Al Pacino (Ali), Sports Coach Dhula Nageshwar Rao (Raja Ravindra) and Music student Charukesha (Sunil) was good but it is Raviteja who takes the honors. Villany by Prakashraj, Ajay, Kota was a run of the mill.

Technicalities wise Harish Shankar’s immaturity is visible in picking the story line. There was no scope left for him to come with a full fledged family entertainer in this kind of story. Most of the time movie concentrates on entertainment and action with no emotion and values of underlying sentiments. Screenplay was weaved tightly and no where did Harish bore the audience as fun bone tickles on very often. Cinematography by Ram Prasad and Editing by Gowtham Raju were okay. Music by Thaman was good in two songs and background was reverberating. Production values of Ramesh and Yello Flowers were also A class.

Out of the Movie Mirapakay

Time has come for Raviteja to either change the selection of story lines or change his natural acting style. If you are looking for a different performance away from routine Raviteja, then you are prone to disappointment. Although ‘Mirapakay’ doesn’t ache your head too much but the ordinary story, expected twists, formula narration will leave no impression once you get out of the theatre. Harish Shankar seems to have worked heavily on adding comedy elements in each and every frame but the basic emotion to run the total drama was missing. Enough of action, energy, comedy from Raviteja; time we can expect diverse characters from Mass Maharaj other than ‘Don Seenu’ or ‘Mirapakay.’ The so called ‘Mass’ elements in ‘Mirapkay’ exceeded the limits when Richa placed her mobile phone inside the blouse and shockingly in vibration mode. If Harish had rightly mixed the dose of conviction and concept to ‘Mirapakay,’ then none could have got comparison with ‘Don Seenu.’

First half has got enough comedy episodes in college scenes, romance between Raviteja and Richa was worked well and the interesting intermission will remind you that there was not even an inch moved story wise. Second half too goes with bundles of fun, a twist leading to a grinder climax. Yes, the pattern of Harish dealing the movie was impressive. Given a good story line, he could have done still better. Overall, ‘Mirapakay’ is a low voltage ‘Shock’ for Harish. With typical Raviteja energy, movie may stand good chance for four to five weeks in theatres and BO success anything more than that depends upon upcoming releases.

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