Moz And Cat

If you happen to be a real cat ‘n mouse enthusiast, tune into Pogo and watch an umpteenth rerun of Tom and Jerry. It has tons more intelligence, wisdom and insight than this idiotic wreckage of a movie that should have never even been conceptualized.

Moz(ss or whatever – Dileep) B. Samuel is a small time crook, who often wonders where he had got the name from, since he was brought up an orphan. We are told that he was being pursued by cops one night, when he rushed into a hospital and found a young woman on her deathbed. The newborn who lay abandoned beside her, becomes Moz’s accomplice in crime, and he names her Tessy (Niveditha). The odd pair leads a wanton life, into which walks in Nandana (Aswathy) and her drunkard brother Sumesh (Rahman).

There are any number of sequences that could wrench your guts out with their dismal attempts at making you laugh. The restaurant sequence towards the beginning that goes on and on about the layman’s predicament when he finds a fork in his hands in a swanky eatery is an instance. And when there is an attempt to evoke some laughter from the word dessert, you should see how dreadful things are.

I simply don’t have an inkling as to what was happening in the last hour. And frankly, I don’t care either. How on earth can one believe that such nonsensical assaults on the viewer’s brains would translate into applause and hilarity? I’m not offended by its particular lack of energy or invention, but its absolute indifference to the quality of what it offers is abhorrent, to say the least.

The movie is supposedly designed for kids, but I’m not sure if this is the kind of stuff we should be stuffing their young brains with. And they are likely to have a lousy time as well, though not as much as you. For the jokes are as flat as burnt pancakes, and the movie itself like a squashed pudding.

It’s amusing to see divine justice in films, but I wish they would restrict it to fantasies. When the rogue rushes forward with a spear in his hand, one doesn’t really expect the ground to give way putting an abrupt end to it all. On second thoughts, perhaps we need to bless the flimsy floor, and murmur aloud as to why it hadn’t withered away a couple of hours earlier.

For a moment, I wondered if the director had conceived a musical when a song broke out in the midst of a car chase with the drivers having a ball crooning unimaginably dim-witted lines. And then the entire scene plummets into a dark cavern with almost everyone joining in the cacophony.

For Dileep, Moz ‘n Cat is an embarrassment. And I mean one of a colossal stature. Debutante Aswathy looks pretty and for a first timer, manages the affairs pretty well. But this could possibly be the worst launch vehicle for anybody out there. Niveditha is a true charmer (the sole one, rather) and there are several occasions that turn out to b bearable only because of her.

You need to have a hypocritically high level of patience and lenience if you are to make sense of this cat ‘n mouse game. Honestly, even five year olds deserve better than this rubble.

Cast: Dileep, Ashwathy Ashok, Baby Niveditha,
Rahman, Harisree Ashokan, Jagathy Sreekumar,
Sudheesh, Anoop Chandran, Jaffer Idukki,
Janardhanan, Krishnakumar etc.

Director: Fazil

Producer: Johny Sagarika

Lyrics: Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri

Cinematography: Anandakuttan

Editing: Gaurishankar

Screenplay: Fazil

Story Writer: Fazil

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