Naan Avanillai


Banner:    Nemichand Jhabak
Cast:    Jeevan, Sneha, Namitha, Malavika, Jyothirmayi, Keerthi Chawla
Direction:    Selva
Production:    V Hitesh Jhabak
Music:    Vijay Antony

“Naan Avanillai” is a remake of K. Balachander’s classic of the same title starring matinee idol Gemini Ganesan, which was produced three decades ago. Director Selva’s “Naan Avanillai” is modern and trendy and as breezy an entertainer as the original. Jeevan, who made his debut in “University”, played the villain in “Khaka Khaka” and graduated to the status of villain-hero in “Thiruttu Payalae”, comes out with flying colours in the lead role in “Naan Avanillai.” Kudos to Director Selva for giving a movie which is refreshingly different but combing the best elements of Balachander’s. Casting five top heroines and giving them equally important roles is like walking on the razor’s edge. The director has done this with ingenuity. The theme, the perky screenplay and intelligent and engrossing scenes and sequences are three more factors which are sure to put the film on the fast track to success. It is the kind of fare which the audience would not fail to appreciate and enjoy. Full marks to Selva and his team.

Here goes the story…
A conman man, who marries four women one after another to rob them of their wealth, argues in court that he is not that man (Naan Avanillai).

The story begins in a police station. The police receive a complaint against Jeevan (Annamalai) that he is an imposter who has tricked four women into marrying him and cheated them. The police are after him but he gives them the slip. The bus in which he is escaping meets with an accident. When Jeevan is undergoing treatment in hospital for the injuries, he is arrested by the police and produced in court.

Four women cheated by him ? Malavika (Priya), Jyothirmayi (Ammu Kutti), Keerthi Chawla (Radha) and Namitha (Monica) ? take the witness stand and tell each of their experiences with Jeevan. Jeevan appears in person without engaging a professional lawyer. ‘Naan Avanillai” is his clever argument.

The modus operandi of crafty Jeevan is different in each case which makes the film interesting. His first victim is Malavika who is a glamorous model. He introduces himself to her as Vignesh, an entrepreneur from London, marries her and swindles lakes of rupees and jewels.

Next, he barges into a marriage hall calling himself Madhava Menon, the son of the chief minister’s sister, and abducts Kerala danseuse Jyothirmayi.

Industrialist Namitha, a multi-millionaire, and judge Lakshmi’s daughter Sneha fall prey to Jeevan’s antics in the names of Sham Prasad and renowned artist Zakir Hussain.

On top of all this, Keerthi Chawla, who is deeply religious, is taken for a ride by Jeevan posing as North Indian godman, Hariharadas, a reincarnation of Lord Krishna. Jeevan excels in all these episodes with his expressions, dialogue delivery and body language. He plays each role with consummate skill.

Keeping the Sneha-Jeeva episode a separate track is laudable. Sneha brought to bear all her Dubai charm on dance scenes with Jeevan. Malavika, Jyothirmayi, Keerthi Chawla and Namitha play their roles with aplomb oozing glamour.

Vijay Antony’s music is just passable. Cinematographer Senthilkumar has done an excellent job.

One has to agree with Jeeva’s comment in a latest media interview that the film gives the feeling that it is like seeing five different movies ? five-in-one.

“Naan Avanillai” is enjoyable.


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