Nagavalli movie review

Victory Venkatesh’s ‘Nagavalli’ is one of the most awaited films of this season. ‘Nagavalli’ is the sequel to Rajinikanth’s block-buster film Chandramukhi and it is the remake of Kannada film, ‘Aptha Rakshaka’. Nagavalli showcases Venkatesh in a contrasting look. Venky acted as a psychiatrist and as a King with negative shades in the role

With six female characters in the film, Anushka, Kamalini Mukherjee, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sraddha Das, Poonam Kaur and Sujha the movie created interest among audience. ‘Nagavalli released today with maximum number of prints in Venkatesh’s career.

Kamalini Mukarjee showed her extra ordinary performance with her classical dance in ‘Omkara’ Song. Poonam Kaur acted as Dharmavarpu Subramaniam’s daughter. Dharmavarapu Subramaniam’s role is similar to Vadivelu’s role in Chandramukhi, who feels insecured about his daughter.

Shraddha Das (Gita) and Richa Gangopadhyay (Gowri) are the elder and younger daughters respectively to Sarath Babu and Prabha.

Story of Nagavalli:
The storyline of Nagavalli is quite similar to Chandramukhi. The stroy of Nagavalli starts when an artist finds Anushka’s 100 year old painting on the road. Sarath Babu’s family faces some unknown problems with Nagavalli after Richa Gangopadhyay(Gowri’s) engagement. The problem starts with a snake which enters into the house. MS Narayana who acted as snake catcher tries to catch the snake. But he dies immediately at Sarath Babu’s house when he tries to catch the snake. Then Sarath Babu meets Swamy (the same person who was in Chandramukhi ) to find a solution about all mis-happenings at his home.

Sarath Babu makes a call to Rajni Kanth and ask him to solve this problem. As Rajni is busy with another work, he sends his assistant to solve this problem. He is non other than Victory Venkatesh (Dr.Ravi). Venkatesh’s introduction is good with a song i.e. ‘Abhimanulu song’. Venkatesh is looking very young in this movie.

Venkatesh finds some interesting things at the house. One of them is the painting of Nagavalli which was gifted to Sarath Babu’s eldest daughter Kamalini Mukerjee who dies in an accident. Brahmanandam acted as assistant to Venky (Dr.Ravi).

Venky gets to know shocking news through his investigation that Kamalinee is still alive and dances every night in Nagavalli getup at Nagavalli’s room.

Swamy tries to find the truth behind Kamalinee . During the process Swamy will be attacked by Kamalinee and Venky saves him.

Venky further goes on his investigation to Venkatapuram. The movie takes us to 1909. Anushka’s introduction as Chandramukhi, she as usual looks gorgeous. Venky’s most awaited King role appeears here. He acted as Naga Bhairava Rajasekhara. He is a cruel king who was mesmerized by Chandramukhi’s beauty.

A traditional and classical song ‘Ghirani Ghirni’ with Chandramukhi and the dance master Gunasekhar (same character in Chandramukhi) performs infront of the king. The same story of Chandramukhi continues. King cruelly kills Gunasekhsar and Anushka

Things moves strange after the Chandramukhi’s death. Movie carries on just like Chandramukhi film. King locks Chandramukhi room and finally moves away from kingdom. The whole Kingdom assumes that comits suicide. Flashback ends Dr. Ravi starts researching on King and comes to know a shocking news that King is still alive.

The rest of the story deals with how Venkatesh deals the situation and how he solves the problems

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