Nag`s movies are violent: Amala

Akkineni Amala, Nag’s darling wife, expressed anguish at the brutal slaughter of the animals during the religious events and called for immediate stoppage of the acts.
Addressing a public meeting at Venkatagiri in Nellore district, Amala, who is the member of the Central Animal Welfare Board, said that she was sick to note that even in the movies of Nagarjuna, there is a lot of violence. She observed that violence had come to be the order of the day, with heinous acts like rape, murder, accidents and so on being flashed in TV channels and occupying prime importance in the newspapers everyday and every hour.

“Can’t there be any other stuff that could impress us? Why violence alone? If we could overcome the pressing element of violence in our own selves, it would be impossible to avert the violence worldwide. Let us begin to love animals and care for them from the core of our heart. This will surely pave way for world peace,” Amala sermonized.

A huge public gathering thronged to have a glimpse at Amala and to get photographed with her. Several voluntary organizations from Nellore district took part in the event.

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