Naveen Mayur dies

The 32-year-old Kannada film actor Naveen Mayur who acted as the lead actor in many films like Lav Lavike, Nan Hendthi Kole, Avnandhre Avane breathed his last on Sunday night.

Naveen died after a jaundice attack coupled with other medical problems including a stone in his lever. Recently he went to Dharmasthala and Subramanya. He took rest for a day, but later developed serious health complications.

Mayur started off very well with Sparsha directed by Sunil Kumar Desai and was immediately selected to play the lead in Lav Lavike. He had also acted in Poorvapara directed by Chandrashekhar which was shot in USA and also in the Malnad region of Karnataka. But he was unlucky as many of his films did not do well in the Box office.

During this period Naveen Mayur who had completed his MBA went to work in Television serials and also did some projects for sustenance. He was also involved in the creative making of the Upendra starrer Budhdhivantha, though he did not want it to be publicised. It is just his bad luck that Naveen Mayur who proved his talent in many films did not get a big break. Lav Lavike which is his first film in leading role is not yet released, though it was premiered on Television.

Naveen Mayur had also acted in Uppi Dada M.B.B.S, Ninagoskara, Preethi Mado Hudugarigella, Neela, Hello and Ranachandi.

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