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Nayantara Thulabharam Chettikulangara Temple Kerala Photos Pictures.

Thulabharam is an important ritual at Hindu temples in Kerala. In the ritual, the devotee sits on the one side of a weighing balance. The other side is filled with materials he/she wishes to offer for any wish that has been granted or wants to fulfill. Normally people offer sugar, jaggery, plantains, sacred leaves etc.

And guess who did Thulabharam yesterday at the famous Chettikulangara Devi temple in Mavelikkara near Alleppy in Kerala? It was none other than Nayanthara.

Sensuous beauty Nayantara, who changed her religion to Hinduism recently, has offered thulabaram on the first day of the Malayalam month Chingam on Wednesday at Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple in Alappuzha. The Thulabaram ceremony was performed with jaggery weighing 50 kgs.

It is known that Nayantara has reached the temple around 10.30am and performed Thulabaram after the Uchapooja and Chanthattam ritual. The actress was accompanied with her family friend Latha, who also had booked the Chanthattam ritual. She confessed that she was present at the temple just for the offerings. She left the temple after performing annadhanam ritual and also offered her help for the setting up of a tower on the South end of the temple.

All these proceedings looks like the couple is going to enter wed-lock soon!

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