Nayanthara visits Bhadrachalam

For those who were amazed to see Nayanthara visit the Guruvayoor temple with her lover Prabhudeva, this is another interesting piece of news. The actress was yesterday into the Sree Seetha Ramachandra Swamy shrine at Bhadrachalam, 400 kilometers from Hyderabad along with Balakrishna, Akkini nageshwar Rao and music maestro Ilayaraja to hold special Pooja for the good run of their new movie ‘Raamarajyam’. As the actress has recently converted into Hinduism, Nayanthara was able to make an easy access to the temple which prohibits non Hindus to enter its premises.

Nayans is appearing as Seetha in this movie, which incidentally is her last appearance as heroine before the impending marriage with Prabhudeva. Nayans swan song in the flick is said to be a highlight of the movie, which will get released in a couple of months.

And for those who believe that these all are the recent showoffs of Nayans as she is going to marry Prabhudeva, reports are that Nayans had been an regular temple goer even before she met prabhu. She is expected to be in more famous temples of the south, as Nayans is said to be much excited with the opportunity to visit Bhadrachalam and offer worship as a practicing Hindu.

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