Nayanthara watches Super!

Nayanthara watched her recent blockbuster, her first Kananda film Super in Hyderabad.

Rockline Venkatesh and her hero superstar Upendra arranged this special show for her at the Prasad preview theatre. The film which is now being dubbed into Telugu had its audio launch in the city the next day.

Why is Nayanthara still called the ‘Queen Bee’ of Kollywood, in spite of her constant media victimisation and not having a single film in hand?

We guess, it’s because she does not have a substitute in Tamil to do the glamour roles with attitude and style.

Recently, a Mumbai based company tried to get in touch with the actress as they could not think of any other actress, when they decided to remake their Fashion in Tamil.

Said a source close to the production house: “There is no other actress right now who has the right attitude and acting capabilities to carry that role made memorable by Priyanka Chopra in the original”.

Undoubtedly the lady, still has the star power, which is no less than a hero. Nayanthara has got certain stature and value among cinegoers and audiences look forward to her movies.

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