Nee Ko Njaa Cha Movie Review


Movie : Nee Ko Njaa Cha Movie Review
Starring : Sunny Wayne , Poojitha Menon
Director : Gireesh
Distributor : Urvasi Theatres
Genre :Comedy,Drama, Romance,Sport

‘Nee Ko Njaa Cha’ is a scattershot film that throws in a few sex jokes together, hoping to make a point eventually. Unfortunately the film looks like a mismanaged mess that gets at your nerves real fast.

Joe (Praveen Anidil) has just been ditched by his girl friend Ann (Poojitha Menon). A devastated Joe heads over to Goa along with his friends Roshan (Sunny Wayne) and Abu (Sanju) to get over the tragedy that has befell him. At Goa, Roshan and Abu have a merry time with spice girls Alice (Rohini Mariam Idicula) and Sania (Merin Mathew), while Joe stalks Ann who has arrived at the beach town as well with her new boy friend Peter (Shani).

All on a sudden, midway through, ‘Nee Ko Njaa Cha’ starts resembling those health education films of the eighties that used to subtly hint at STDs. It’s 2013, and HIV is in. Roshan and Abu suspect that they might have contracted the deadly virus, and Abu even shows us a video that he had shot for the HIV awareness campaign.

Roshan claims to be a doctor, and he is said to have unprotected sex with some girl that he meets on a beach at Goa! And what’s more, he does Google to find out more about HIV, making us wonder what kind of a cosmetic surgeon he would be.

As is perfunctory in a movie as this, there is no end to the pokes and suggestions that are expected to make you roll down the aisles in laughter. However, the plastic dialogues add up to the agony, and the film’s desires to be hauled as a cult classic bite the dust.

If you ask me if ‘Nee Ko Nja Cha’ is an adult sex comedy, I would say ‘No’. It offers you no more amusement than the kind that would spring up from seeing the wicked conversations that one would have with one’s nappy buddies, on screen. The morning-after, for instance, when the two men sit together discussing the wild time that they had had is an example.

Suspicion of being infected with HIV would normally ruin a person beyond repair, but here are two guys who behave as if they might have won the lottery. They shake their heads in disbelief initially, and then go on to do and say something downright ridiculous, that you start wondering if they are crazier than you believe them to be.

What is unintentionally funny is the way those messages are passed across to you, like the one that says that HIV does not spread through touch. In any other scenario it would have appeared sensible, but given the atrocious backdrop in which this one turns up, it ends up being laughable.

And so it goes on, tying an HIV ribbon all around it, until it reaches a climax that will have your jaws further dropping down, but not in a very comfortable way. You wonder what you have been watching till now, and finally the significance of the title dawns on you. The intention was to torment oneself and those around as well.

Sunny Wayne, Sija Rose and Sanju make you want to sit through the film, with steady performances. Praveen goes way over the board with his devastation act, and so do the rest of the girls. The musical score adds up to the general mood of the film and the wide-ranging woes of the viewer.

‘Nee Ko Nja Cha’ is like an absurdist play that has gone terribly all wrong. At its best it’s a yappy pile-up of some crude humor that doesn’t make it any less of an awfully lame movie.

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