Neelambari Movie Review

‘Neelamabari’ is the Onam offering from Harinarayanan who debuted with last year’s award winning ‘Nanthuni’.A melodramatic presentation intended to be a romantic musical, the movie hams big time mainly due to its predictable plot and regular scheme of things.The very conventional style of making, added with uneven editing also makes its narratives less appreciable.

The movie has Bhama as Parvathy who has a bossom friend in Lekshmy(Divya) residing in her neighbourhood in a ”Palakkad”an Brahmin Gramam. As parvathy lost her mother at birth, she is brought up along with lekshmi, by the latter’s mother. The two girls who live like twins share the same thoughts,and dresses and Paru is even thought of to become the bride of Vidhyadharan, the brother of Lekshmy.But Vidhyadharan soon becomes a spolit brat by engaging in college politics and ending up in jail.

When Parvathy and Lakshmi join the music College, Parvathy falls in love with Devanand, their music lecturer. Without realising this, Devanand’s brother plans to get him married to Laskhmi, when the music lecturer is away on a foreign trip. Parvathy keeps her longing to herself but when she has to reveal her love to his father, he commits suicide and the parvathy finds herself abandoned on the streets.When Lekshmy realises parvathy’s love for devanand, she also deserts her. This leads into the suspicious missing of the girl from her home.The story told as a flashback after three years from these happenings, goes on to reveal how all the pains end up in happiness of some sorts.

Apart from being in a predictable stuff, the biggest letdown of the movie is that the depth of relationships between the lead ladies or with other characters are rarely depicted with needed intensity. The scripts are mediocre unable to add the colour neither with dialogues nor with the sequences.The former half of the movie just movies in the neeeded pace but the later half of the movie drags bigtime.

All the actors in the frame appear fairly good, though none are exceptional. Bhama gives a safer performance in a demanding role, while Divya is also apt for the role. Anoop Menon with his funny wigs have overdone the role of Thenkasi Thankaraj, a lorry driver cousin of Lekshmy who is after her. Vineeth as Devanand appaer in very few scenes in the entire movie.

The highlights of the movie is its songs by Kaithapram Vishwanath( who also appear in an undemanding role).All the five songs in the movie are hummable, though not visualised in best of the ways.Sasi Ramakrishna;’s camera is ok in parts but Sunny jacob’s editing is abrupt and not in sync.

All in all, a product that is without any big charm, ‘Neelambari ”ends up as an ordinary fare that may find some patronage at few centres.

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