No 3D for ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows’

The last installment of the ‘Harry Potter’ series ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’ will see the first part in just the normal version or 2D, so to speak. This might upset most of Harry Potter fans, but then according to several news reports, this has been well liked by Daniel Radcliffe, the protagonist who plays the role of Harry Potter. Daniel has been reportedly saying that going into 3D would not have helped in making it any more interesting than it already is.

However, the film makers are of another mind set and think that the 3D version does add a considerable in flow of cash and also adds on to the effects of certain scenes.

The first part was supposed to be in a 3D format but due to shortage of time and to avoid deleting some very crucial scenes, the 3D version had to be avoided. However, there are a scene or two in the flick to give the audiences a taste of the 3D. Scenes like a giant snake flying and the pet owl of Harry Potter flying towards the camera, are tit bits to give the audience a flavor of the 3D effects.

The second part to be released in July next year already has started work for the 3D effect. Reports are that people have already been hired to give every minute detail possible in 3D.

So all you Harry Potter fans get prepared for a more adventurous 3D version next year!

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