Note Out movie review

Movie : Note Out
Director : Kutty Naduvil
Cast :Nishan, Mithra Kurian

If someone ever thought about doing a lecture on ‘How to make atrocious films?’, ask those who made Note Out to provide some tips. Unbelievably naïve and irritatingly executed, this film fails in every way and even ridicules the viewer who cares to get into the theatre to watch this mundane misadventure.

Pavithran (Nishan) and his gang of friends waste their time doing virtually nothing. After several escapades that make you yawn, they get the license to do anything for the next 30 days from their parents. That is the period after which when they all will start doing some work. Amidst some poorly written scenes which are intended to make the viewers laugh, they get into a fight with a bold young girl Maya (Mithra Kurian).

To teach her a lesson, Pavithran announces that he is in love with Maya, in front of her family on the day of her betrothal. But to his surprise, she walks out of her home with him! If you are not bored already, the filmmaker has enough tricks in his kitty to make you so, like some underworld dons, mistaken identity, double meaning dialogues and the routine items from Suraj Venjarammoodu.

The script written jointly by Y V Rajesh and Kutty Naduvil can be rated among the worst specimens to have ever happened in Malayalam. Every department in the film competes with the other in bringing out their worst show. Those who spent money on this rubbish movie did not even read its script before giving the nod to go ahead?

Nishan continues with his wooden act once again and it looks even worse with his attempt to do comedy. Mithra Kurian has to look bubbly and in all fairness, she does an honest attempt. But for her and the rest of the actors, this script gives them nothing much to perform.

Note Out (God knows what does the title mean?) lacks any real merit and only prompts the viewers to move away from theatres. It is a pity that certain filmmakers think that they can still get away with some outdated mimicry comedies which was acceptable more than a decade back. Why waste time on this one?

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