November Rain

img511/7837/posterxl0.jpg Language:        MALAYALAM

Director:     Vinu Joseph
Producer:     Shaji M. Basheer
Cast:     Arun, Nimisha, Laloo Aalex, Geetha, Sphadikom George, Saadique, Balaji, Aniyappan, Niyaz, Sajitha Beti etc.
Music:     Anoop S. Nair
Lyrics:     Sachidanandan Puzhangara, Brijesh Ramachandran and Suresh

Here is another film dealing with Kerala’s underworld, about how youngsters get entangled in unlawful activities. The name is full of promise but the film does not live up to it.

Satyanarayan, played by Arun of ‘4 The People’ fame, is an average guy. He makes friends in college who are involved in criminal activities and have links with the underworld.

The story progresses with Satya climbing up the crime ladder and becoming a big time don. How his involvement in crime affects his family life and creates rifts in his friendships is the focus of the film. The story ends in a tragic climax as expected. No innovative twist or turn here.

The conflicts in the story are at different levels. At one level we have Satya’s family Krishnamoorthy (Lalu Alex), who is an inspector in the police force. He appears to be a very strict father but he dotes on his son.

Then there is Satya’s love life. Satya wants to marry his love, Anu, played by newcomer Nimisha with some difficulty.

The conflict between father and son, though unconvincing, is well done. The love story between Satya and Anu is not given enough scope and when they start living together, the audience is pleasantly surprised.

Being a professional goon has its hazards and tension. There is rivalry, double crossing, killings and such other incidental things to deal with. Though there is nothing original in the manner all these scenes are played out, Satya is shown to be a henchman of Majid Ali and later his rival, with some success. Tamil actor Daniel Balaji is in good form here as Majid Ali.

Actor Arun gives an assured performance, but his character needed fine-tuning.img514/3728/november1703071ua6.jpg

Lalu Alex in the role of Krishnamoorthy, Satya’s father, is just about okay, perhaps even a little boring as we have seen him repeatedly doing such roles.

This is Nimisha’s debut film — she looks sweet, but has not been given enough time on screen to prove her talent. Geetha, who makes her comeback in Malayalam films, is good as Satya’s mother.

The suburbs of Kochi come alive through Viswamangal’s cinematography.

This is Vinu Joseph’s first film; one hopes he will come out with something more original in his next attempt.

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