Of The People

offCast:    Arun, Padma Kumar,Arjun, Anjali, Devipriya, Harshan, Govind Sudheer, Sabitha Jayaraj
Direction:    Jayaraj

Production:    Jayaraj
Music:    Vinu Thomas




Jayaraj has lost his magic touch to make movies with new themes and fresh innovative ideas. He still cannot get out of the web cast by his first people movie 4 the people, as his last in the trilogy Of the people is a boring flick which is also technically tacky.

. Storywise, it’s old wine in new bottle. This film begins where 4 the people ended. Three of the four vigilantes – Easwar Iyer (Arjun) Shafique (Padmakumar) and Sebastin (Arun) come out of jail after serving their sentences, but are shunned by the society and students. Being influenced by Che Guevara, they go to the forests to fight a guerilla style war through their laptop as they have like in the original created a website where they take complaints from harassed people and annihilate baddies dressed like Cheoff Guevara!

A journalist Nancy Issac (Devipriya) interviews them and they become top on the watch list of Hari Shankar (Harish), the new IPS officer looking after the case. The big bad guy is Nassar (Anoop), the land mafia leader who starts targeting our guys. Nancy is murdered leading to a long drawn out predictable climax.

There is no iota of originality in the film. And the songs which were the highlight in the original is let down, with no hummable number. In short Of the people is a documentary on Kerala politics or what appeared in the media like the eviction drive in Munnar, the land mafia of Kochi, police-underworld nexus, campus unrest and other happenings.

Our advice to Jayaraj- “Stop the people series and vigilante stories full of music video style songs which look like an ad for Kerala tourism”. Please find a good script before embarking on your next venture.

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