Ordinary movie Review

“Ordinary” is the story of ordinary people and the events that take place in their daily life. Sugeeth, who worked earlier as associate to Kamal, directs the movie. Script is written by Nishad K Koya and Manu Prasad.

Gavi is a village in Kerala and just like many villages. It is remotely located and depends on one KSRTC bus to connect to the outside world. The route is tortuous, trespassing seven dams on its way to the town. The people taking the bus journey are almost always the same and they know each other well. Iravikuttan Pillai(Kunchako Boban) is the conductor and he has shortened his name to E.Ravi Kuttan. Suku(Biju Menon) is the driver. The two, in their daily journey, meet and interact with the passengers and they exchange ideas, discuss politics and comment on local issues, and in the process many humorous occasions occur.

In short, the daily trip was an enjoyable experience to all. And then clouds gather to spoil their happiness in the form of a ‘murder’ . And the story moves on from there.

Kunchacko Boban as E.Ravi Kutty and Biju Menon as Suku have performed creditably in their roles as driver and conductor. And the local slang of the driver was effectively mimicked by Biju Menon. Asif Ali as Bhadran was excellent. Ann Augustine as the post woman was good. Newcomer Shritha Sivadas as a girl who dares to do anything to make a living, has done very well. Hemanth Menon is the post woman’s boy-friend and Lalu Alex is her father. Baburaj has a comedy role which, though short, catches the attention. Salim Kumar makes a guest appearance. Jishnu and Vaiga have performed reasonably well. The rest of the cast, Lalu Alex, Dharmarajan,and others lend ample support.
The story, though ordinary, has been made very attractive by some top class script from Nishad K Koya and Manu Prasad. And Faisal Ali’s photography adds value to the movie with some stunning visuals. Editing by Saajan is sensible and makes the movie much more enjoyable. Music is directed by Vidyasagar and rates to normal.

It is a simple film about simple people and caters to all ages. The freshness and simplicity of the film will surely attract people to the theater.

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