Pandiya Nadu Review

Pandiya-NaduThe jaded revenge formula in commercial cinema is reinvented by Suseenthiran with Pandiya Nadu. Vishal has come out with his best ever performance in a difficult role.

The story is the tried and tested revenge theme, but the impact it is able to create is terrific. The film keeps you hooked till the end due to Suseenthiran’s script, fabulous performances from the lead actors and believability factor.

Yes, Pandiya Nadu is imaginative! The director and power of his script does construct an actor-driven adventure with panache. When was the last time you came out of a theatre wishing you could go back in and watch it again? It’s an unpredictable revenge drama that combines family sentiments, romance and violence.

A typical joint family story. Vishal is an ordinary guy working in a mobile service centre in small town Madurai, who falls for a school teacher (Lakshmi Menon). His father (Bharthiraja) a retired government employee dotes on his elder brother a government employee. Meanwhile there is big mafia gang led by a tough guy Simmakkal Ravi(Sharath Lohitashwa), who rules Madurai with an iron fist. Vishal’s brother an honest officer gets into his bad books and is bumped off. Now, the helpless father and the meek son draw up separate plans to eliminate the bad guy!

Pandiya Nadu has Tamil cinema’s favourite formula of an underdog hitting back at a bunch of people who destroyed his picture perfect family. But the real strength of the film is its writing. The bus stand scene where the son knows the shocking truth about his father and the way he saves him is picturised very well.

Vishal rises to the challenge of delivering a credible underplayed performance and is terrific especially in the climax scenes. Breaking out of his recent penchant for trying to project himself as a lover-boy and trying hand at comedy, he gives evidence of his potential when trusted with a well-written role that requires him to give a subtle performance.

Sharath Lohitashwa as the bad guy is fantastic. He is able to create a fear and hate among the audiences which helps the story to create sympathy for the hero. Lakshmi has nothing much to do but appear in few scenes and a song. Bharthiraja as the dad is superb, especially in the last scene. Soori appears more in a character role than as a comedian. Vikranth in a cameo is stunning.

D Imman ‘s music and background score is one of the pillars of the film as all songs are good. Mathi’s camera is another major highlight of the film. It is in sync with the mood of the film and has captured the Madurai milieu aptly.

Amidst all the violence and killings, this film has a full beating heart. It is logical and has something new within the commercial format. Go on, Pandiya Nadu is worth investing in a movie ticket.

Verdict – Very Good

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