Panithuli movie review

Movie : Panithuli
Director : Natty Kumar & Dr Jay
Music : Angel & Faizal
Cast : Ganesh Venkatram, Kalpana Pandit and Shobana

Ganesh Venkatram the handsome hunk is back as solo hero in Panithuli and in one word, the film is pure torture. It does not have a script, logic, and continuity and is tacky. The film looks like a typical NRI production where director Natty Kumar and Dr Jay shot it in their backyards in US for the heck of it.

The romantic thriller is supposed to be full of suspense and twists but at the end it leaves you totally confused and bewildered as the hero character in the film. Kumar and Jay embarked on making a typical M Night Shyamalan movie, but ends up with egg on their face.

Shiva (Ganesh Venkatram) is a Chennai based handsome IT guy who gets a job in US due to the help of his girlfriend Meera (Shobhana). Shiva deeply in love with Meera wants to marry her but her father Rajaraman (Thulasiraman) is local businessman and a goon who puts forth certain conditions. He has to prove his love for her by not communicating with her for a year!

The love sick Shiva goes to US and soon we see him flirting with his colleague the sexy Maya (Kalpana Pandit). Soon Shiva, after drinking a magic potion from a Red Indian tribal chief is in a hallucinated stage and mistakes Maya for Meera which leads to total confusion.

And the climax of the film will make you laugh at the confusion and the hamhanded acting of its lead actors. There is even a background score Shiva,Shiva� like Billa, Billa, which makes you scream in agony. Want more?

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