Parthan Kanda Paralokam

Try this recipe to make Parthan Kanda Paralokam. Mix some scenes from films like Meesa Madhavan and Nandanam without its charm, essence or the touching moments. Fill the rest of the scenes with inane jokes, campy lines and stale mimicry numbers in plenty- and this absurd film is ready.

It’s futile to explain the plot of this film as there are more loose ends to this tale than strengths. The story happens in a village called Krishnapuram, where an age old temple has been remaining closed for several years. Parthan (Jayaram), who lives solely with the aim of helping the villagers without doing anything worthwhile, is at loggerheads with his uncle Phalgunan Thampi (Jagathy Sreekumar).

Thampi’s daughter Sathyabhama, a lawyer, soon joins her father to trap Parthan accusing him of robbing the deity of the temple. Next comes Madhavan (Mukesh), if you care to believe, is Lord Krishna himself! Imagine the Lord driving a car, chasing a guy in a bicycle and even getting beaten up by the cops. If that is not enough, here is another twist in the offing as Kalabhavan Mani makes his entry wearing a ridiculous wig, as Veerabhadran alias Musafir, a terrorist.

The only saving grace about Parthan Kanda Paralokam is its music which is melodious and suits the mood perfectly. It is understandable if a film shows slapstick comedy or even intends to generate laughs without much logic, provided it is well written. No such luck here! The screenplay, if there is one, is an annoyingly amateurish piece of writing that questions the intelligence and sensibilities of the viewer.

Jayaram once again takes up a futile ‘Good Samaritan’ role, the kind that worked for him for a while but boomeranged later on. Remember his roles in films like Nadanpennum Nattupramaniyum, Kottaram veettile Appoottan, Sarkar Dada and so on? He tries to make things lively in the first half, along with Kottayam Nazeer by trying out some corny mimicry lines that may be funny in parts. It is exactly the kind of situation about which many have been lamenting for many years now; a coherent mix of mimicry scenes can’t make a film.

The mere casting of Mukesh as the human version of Lord Krishna evokes humour just for its puerility. Kalabhavan Mani comes up with perhaps the worst performance of his career. A talented actor like Jagathy Sreekumar has been wasted in a role which he has portrayed on screen numerous times before.

Sreedevika has to play the usual hero’s girl, who will look good, lock horns with the hero at the beginning before eventually dancing to his tunes. Sona, who plays the naughty village girl in Parthan’s gang, has to wear a saree that is never in the right places and she does that to perfection.

As you come out of the theatres after watching this mega-disappointing film you feel that the problem with Parthan Kanda Paralokam is that nobody associated with this film knew what kind of film they were making.

Movie:Parthan Kanda Paralokam
Cast:Jayaram, Mukesh, Sreedevika

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