Pathinaru movie review

Cast: Mirchi Siva, Madhu Shalini
Direction: Saba Rathinam
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Kollywood’s fascination for love themes is widely known and they hardly failed to attract attention at the box office. Director Sabapathy of ‘VIP’ and ‘Sundarapurushan’ fame has this time touched up on a romantic story that is more a taut, youthful and a kind of thriller. It is more of ‘Autograph’ meeting ‘Kadhal’.

Credits should go to Sabapathy for avoiding commercial clichés of Tamil cinema. He has laced the script with events that unfold in a city and travels back to a village. The love and care among the lover couple, the genuine affection of parents towards their wards and above all the determination of young generation to hold the hands of their beloved, are all etched out well.

Unlike regular Tamil films where the angry parents oppose love, and the run and chase with sickle wielding goons, ‘Pathinaru’ focuses more on emotional quotient between the lovers and their parents.

Shiva of ‘Chennai 28’ and ‘Thamizh Padam’ fame, who is known for playing comical hero roles, steps out to play a love-lorn serious youth. Madhu Shalini plays his heroine while the highlight is Abhishek playing a responsible father.

Siva (Shiva) and Indhu (Madhu Shalini) are lovers studying in a college in city. Clinging to each other, the couple spends all their time together. Things take a turn when Indhu’s father finds his daughter with Siva in a shopping complex.

Unlike other fathers, he doesn’t get angry, but rather prefers to inform his wife. When queried, Indhu initially denies having any affair. But as time progresses, she accepts it. When they decide to get elope and get married, Indhu’s parents invite them home. They are given a handwritten book ‘Pathinaaru’.

The book unfolds on screen as a village romance between 16-year-old Gopi and Ilavarasi, school students. When Ilavarasi’s parents stop her studies and force her into a marriage with another man, she rebels and tries to elope with Gopi.

However, Ilavarasi ends up in a dilemma when her father threatens to kill himself if she marries Gopi. Touched by the story they read, Indhu’s mind changes and she decides to leave her lover. Now the onus is on a shocked Siva to set things right.

Siva sets out to the village and decides to meet the lover couple about whom he read in the diary. With their help, how he manages to wins back the heart of Indhu is what the climax is all about.

Shiva as a serious lover is impressive. He oozes romance, sings and does his typical comedy. He looks matured and does pass out in flying colours in emotional scenes. Madhu Shalini presents a pleasant picture and she performs her role with consummate ease. Watch out for Abhishek, who leaves his mark with a stunning performance.

Yuvanshankar Raja is the real hero of the movie. He has come up with songs that suit the theme well. His re-recording especially for the rural episode is mind-boggling. However, had Sabapathy had avoided some lengthy scenes and monotonous dialogues in few places, ‘Pathinaru’ would have been more interesting and entertaining.

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