Peruchazhi Movie Review

This year’s Onam celebrations started with the mass 500 screen opening of the film Peruchazhi. Like the promotional title ‘Adipolica’ the movie Peruchazhi is a fun filled entertainer but with a week story which doesnt have any logic in it.

Jagannathan (Mohanlal) is a wily politician, who is a true hero coming up with perfect solutions for all, including his rival in the party, Minister Francis Kunjappan (Mukesh). He creates one issue to solve another and then fool around with his sidekicks, Jabbar (Baburaj) and Varkey (Aju Varghese).

Jagannathan, along with his cronies, goes to the United States then to help a Malayali named Sunny Kurisingal (Vijay Babu), who is in charge of the Republican candidate John Kory’s election as the Governor of the State of California.

John Kory had no hope against his rival candidate George Hope, until Jagannathan enters the scene. His “brilliant ideas” like creating racial issues and then getting involved in it, giving away freebies and so on ensures that Kory race ahead of Hope in the opinion polls.

In all fairness, the initial moments of the film are pretty fine and more so, when compared to the rest of the film. With double meaning dialogues added quite lavishly and an item number as well, there is enough spice for all those who are interested in such aspects. Mohanlal’s comic lines and sequences from his yesteryear hits are used in plenty especially in the first half, in an impressive way.

But things get boring as your patience is tested with inane scenes that go on and on, especially in the second half. Yes, at times it is fun when logic if defied in films, but least of all it should be entertaining, right? The efforts to add comedy by adding some topical issues, like the Mullaperiyar debate and a young leader nicknamed ‘Amul Baby’, falls flat and is far from entertaining.

With a rather poor script, this is one trip to the United States that doesn’t make you smile. The film is mostly confined to some rooms and to imagine that the election to a state in the United States happens this way is asking for too much. The visuals are okay at best and the songs, with some irritating lines, are pretty ordinary.

Mohanlal has done his role pretty earnestly but this one never challenges the genius’s acting credentials. Baburaj is there with all those “masala” dialogues and Aju Varghese is okay. The rest of the cast, including Vijay Babu and the heroine Ragini Nandwani, have done their parts in a fine manner.

Overall Peruchazhi is fun filled entertainer which doesnt have any logic in it. Just watch and forget.

Verdict : One time watchable.

Director : Arun Vaidyanathan

​Producer : Vijay Babu & Sandra Thomas

Cast : Mohanlal, Mukesh, Ragini Nandwani, Vijay Babu, Aju Varghese, Baburaj, Sean James Sutton etc

Music : Arrora

Production : Friday Film House

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