Poonam replaced in ‘Thriller’

Mollywood directors had always shown a fancy towards heroines from other languages, which often landed them into turmoil. Director B Unni Krishnan is another one, who had to cancel a day’s shoot of his latest movie, ‘Thriller’ following the poor lip sync of his heroine Poonam Kaur.

Poonam Kaur’s is a former Miss Andhra Pradesh and is quite good at dancing was tutored a day long for good pronunciation by it lead actor Prithvi and its director, but the heroine couldn’t come up to the benchmarks set by the crew. And by evening, they have arranged the return tickets to the young actress replacing her with another model turned actress, Katherine Theresa from Bangalore. Time will only tell how far the crew succeeds in getting good results this time, from another Bangalore based girl.

‘Thriller’ reportedly based on the Paul Muthoot murder case has Prithviraj as an young IAS officer.

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