Praise The Lord Movie Review


Movie : Praise The Lord Movie Review
Released on March 20 2014
Director: Shibu Gangadharan
Producer: Milan Jaleel
Production Co: Galaxy Films
Music Director: Shaan Rahman
Cast: Mammootty, Reenu Mathew, Mukesh, Akanksha Puri, Kalabhavan Shajon, Suresh Krishna, Indrans, Joy Mathew, Sajitha Betti, Noby, Sadique

Movie Praise the lord could be considered as the conflict which occurs in the life between two different ideologies coated with the covering of sarcasm. Well, how effectively that appealed to the movie goers remains is to be seen.

Adapted from the novel of Zachariya, the movie ‘Praise the Lord’ is about the life of Joy (Mammootty) a planter living in Pala along with this wife Ancy (Reenu Mathews) and two kids. It was the kind of relationship which both holds together that they continue to love each other even after well passing their prime time. it was into their life that Joy’s friend Advocate Sunny (Mukesh) brought a problem in the form of two young lovers Samkutty (Ahammed Siddiqui) and Aani (Aakansha), eloped contrary to the wishes of their parents. Both are having stark opposite characteristics, with Aani being a modern age girl and Samkutty being a firm believer in god. With Samkutty’s father Kunjutty George (Joy Mathew) having a stiff opposition from his side, how these two lovers fare under the protection wing of Joy is the rest of the movie.

Well, if you count the harmless jokes happening inside the family conversations and husband trying to woo his wife with his comic acts, and the head weight show of a typical planter towards modern youngsters, even though he lacks the kind of advanced education they posses, movie has had the chances of being a clean entertainer without going for gimmicks. But, that doesn’t either ensure a good movie watching experience. Movie did tried hard its hands on the good family moments and the kind of troubles happening there with the advent of two eloped lovers. Well to be specific, many of the scenes indefinitely elongated and failed to provide the required experience. And that is where the directorial side of Shibu gangadharan fell short of target.

However, even after having a decent story on hand, we could feel the tumult in the scripting department, which never tried its hand on giving a cinematic experience for this movie version of Zachariya’s novel of the same name. And leave aside the script, even the director seems to be not trying to move from the circle drawn around him; maybe the apprehension of a newcomer forced him to follow the same route. Anyhow, that ensured a not so great experience from this novel. Even at times where you are supposed to have the conflict of Joy with his changed life situations and also that of the conflict occurring between two stark different characters – Samkutty and Ani, movie neither fared good nor provided a neat execution.

On technical side, the camera works were on track with the mood of the movie by giving a normal experience and framing the beauty of the plantations. Along with that the music department too did a not so bad work, but it jerked when mixed with the mood of the movie. It looked like the songs were misplaced, but it never affected the flow of the movie. However editing wasn’t charming as those above mentioned departments.

Now coming to acting front, no one is going to keep an ear for knowing the performance of Mammootty. You would be kidding me if asked to evaluate the performance of Mammootty. He fitted to the role in ‘T‘. However, this happened to be thousandth time or so that we have been seeing this legendary actor doing this kind of roles. About the rest, Reenu Mathews continued her good chemistry with Mammootty here again. Mukesh too was good at his role. Ahammeed Siddiqui was successful in making us laugh at some of his expressions and was again a good performance from this young actor. However, that of the performance of Aakansha wasn’t that a good experience. Rest of the cast, which includes Joy Mathew, Kalabhavan Shajon and Suresh Krishna, too weren’t bad either

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