Pranayam Movie Review

Blessy’s “Pranayam” starring Mohanlal, Anupam Kher and Jayaprada in key roles released today,August 31st with a good opening. The movie produced by Mr Sajeev P.K under the banner of Fragrant Nature Films.
Right from the heart of Blessy, here is a story about love, the emotion that can take many dimensions and touch everyone’s heart in unexpected ways.
“Pranayam” based on the minute aspects and depth in relationships. Like the bond between husband and wife , father and his children, mother and children.’Pranayam’ claims to be discussing a theme that has special relevance.
Anupam Kher plays Achutha Menon, a football player who had got selected in the State team but could never play for the team. He moulded his life and career to accommodate the romance in his life. Jayaprada’s character enacts a character called Grace Mathews, the wife of a philosophy professor named Mathews, played by Mohanlal. Anoop Menon essays the role of Suresh Menon, Achutha Menon’s son.
The movie depicts a Love bond between Mathews, Grace and Achutha Menon. The power of ‘Pranayam’ starts to weave its magic over these three. But to their unpleasant surprise, a fatal turn of events cause chaos in the thread. What are these fatal events that cause a ruckus of emotions describes the basic essence of this film.
Mohanlal as usual excelled with the ease of acting skills to enact Mathews ,will be his best ever role in recent times. Aupem Kher mesmerized as Achutha Menon.The person who steals the show is Jayaprada, who delivers a sterling performance as Grace.She breathes so much life into her character. Anoop Menon has also done a wonderful job, especially climax part. Dhanya Mary, Niyas,Nayana, Apoorva Bose, Aaryan and Nivedtha have done their roles with perfection.
The greatest asset that Pranayam has is its cast. The magnitude of chemistry between Mohanlal, AnupamKher and Jayaprada is mind blowing. Taking technical sides, through Pranayam Blessy succeeds in every aspect of film making. Cinematography by Satheesh Kurup and Editing by Raja Mohammed adds to the mood of the story in a huge way. M.Jayachandran’s music is melodious, especially “Paatil ee Paatil.. song that is another highlight of the film. In spite of excellent performances and equally good technical support, the film delivers a class movie.
We have seen so many triangular love stories in all languages, but ‘Pranayam’ does not fit into the genre represented by those films. Feel ‘Pranayam’ its something really different ! The movie however moves at a very slow pace and the makeup at times is very heavy. Overall, “PRANAYAM” is a very good movie with its mind and heart and Love in all the right places…!!!!
Verdict:”Pranayam”, Another Blessing from Blessy.


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