Prithviraj as a 42 year old

7th-Day-Malayalam-Movie-PrithvirajAfter finding success in almost every movies released in 2013, Prithviraj will come up as an IPS officer in the new movie titled ‘Seventh day’. The role which is quite different from the roles he has done before, Prithviraj will appear in a Salt and Pepper style in the movie.

The movie bears the tagline which says ‘Aaru Divasam Kondu Bhoomiye Srishticha Daivam Vishramicha Ezham Naal’. The first look of the movie was out recently with good response. Directed by Syamdhar, Prithviraj plays the role of David Abraham, a 42 year-old IPS officer, kicked out from the Crime Branch. The movie tells how this intelligent guy sets out for investigating a case which has not been recorded under the crime file and manages to complete the investigation in seven Days. The movie will be on sets in a couple of months.

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