Puli Vesham movie review

Cast: Rk, Sada, Kanja Karuppu,Meghna Naidu, Karthik Muthuraman, MS Bhaskar
Director: P. Vasu
Music: Srikanth Deva
Production: RK
Rating: 3/5


The film opens with a story of a Rowdy named Thamba, who loans money to people in need and when they do not repay he will kidnap the ladies of the house to whom he had lent money and get back the money. The Police department which is headed by Ashish Vidyarthi makes a plan to catch hold of this rowdy who is a trouble and sketches a plan. In such an instance a film producer’s wife gets kidnapped and the producer’s son with the help of RK kills Thamba, before the Police gets to him.

We now gets an insight of who RK is. He is local goon, though with a good heart as he does not wish to have any ladies being harmed. He would even kill someone for money but never touch the ladies, such is his principle and that does have a flashback as to why he is so!

Now Aasish Vidyarthi with the help of another clean cop Karthik tries to clean up the city with bashing up the goons. Now we get an insight about Karthik who once had a tiff with a rowdy called Cricket Govindan (played by Mansoor Ali Khan) and he used to kidnap girls for prostitution.

Cricket Govindan’s father was against his son’s involvement in to these illegal activities and when he comes to give a complaint against his son to Karthik who was then the Assistant Commissioner of Police, but he gets killed by Cricket Govindan.

Karthik gets to know that there is a black sheep in the police department who helps Cricket Govindan and that guy is Rajendran. When Karthik comes to know of Rajendran, he gets killed. Now Cricket Govindan plots to kill Karthik, but the plan mis fires and Karthik’s assistant Madhavan gets killed and Madhavan’s sister lives with Karthik. At this time, Cricket Govindan’s gang of guys takes help from RK to kill Karthik.

When the goons gets in to Karthik’s house they trouble Madhavan’s sister, which irks RK and he in turn helps Karthik to help with that girl.

Amongst this we get introduced to Sadaa, who comes to commit suicide and is helped and saved by RK. She narrates a story of how she is not willing to get married and decides to stay with RK. She gets to see that though RK is a goon, he has a good heart and that what ever money he gets thoruhg his rowdism, he takes it to a hospital where he treats a girl named Thamarai.

Karthik comes to visit RK, as he was responsible for the killing of Thamba. We now get to know that the police inspector Rajendran, who was killed by Karthik, had three brother-in-laws Palpandi, Velu and the third was Thamba whom RK had killed. The three tries to attack Karthik for he had killed Rajendran, but they get killed instead.

At this juncture we get introduced to Ilavarasu who comes in search of RK and asks Sada about his whereabouts by showing her the photograph of RK. Though initially she says she doesn’t know, she later turns him in front of RK and confronts as to who he is.

In the second half, we get an insight about who Ilavarasu is, and that its his daughter Thamarai who is getting treated in the hospital. The story of how RK is related to Thamarai and her father Ilavarasu and what had happened to Thamarai is revealed to Sadaa. In this flash back we get introduced to some characters like Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Ganja Karuppu and MS Bhaskar.

Amongst this RK gets to know that the Doctor Ravichandran, who treats Thamarai is a fraud and keeps her in hospital for getting more money. This doctor is in a way helps Cricket Govindan to get girls for the prostitution and thus he gets killed. Cricket Govindan hires some goons to kill RK, but in turn RK kills him.

But there is a twist in the climax where we get to know that Sadaa is a police officer who had come to keep an eye on RK on Karthik’s request. What happens to RK, does he gets arrested by Karthik for his mis conduct or does he get to live his life forms the climax.


RK is at his best playing a ruffian who does anything for money. An anti-hero with a heart he is impressive. P Vasu has made the script according to RK’s strength and weakness. Sadha is dazzling in her comeback and she is good. Karthik is bubblky and at his best donning a role that sticks to our heart instantly A whole set of artistes form part of the movie.


The strength of the movie is P Vasu’s racy script and unpredictable nature of each character. Each character has a bearing on the story. The highlight is the way RK and Sadha’s character have been shaped up. Watch out for an intriguing interval and the pacy second half. Srikanth Deva’s music reminds one of Ilayaraja of his heydays. It is sweet and peppy.


A thriller that has enough twists and turns, Puli Vesham is a interesting tale that makes it an engrossing watch. However had P Vasu concentrated more on the script the end product could have been more interesting. There are enough suspense elements that is interesting.

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