Raatinam movie review

Movie :Raatinam
Cast: Laguparan,Swathi
Direction: Thangasamy
Music: Manu Ramesan

Raattinam by debutant filmmaker S Thangasamy created enough novices even before its release. Expectations were high on it and as it happens, it has impressed one and all and has lived up to all hype and hoopla.More in Balaji Sakthivel’s Kadhal mould, the movie has romance as its crux set in Tuticorin district. The movie features newcomers Lagubaran and Swathy in key roles. It is a romance story involving school students.Produced by Rajarathinam Films, the movie proceeds at leisurely pace to end on a riveting note. Read on for Raattinam Tamil Movie Review


Love can make or break things. It is feeling that drives the lives of many youngsters, In Tuticorin, there is one Jayam (Lagubaran), a youth who spends all time with his friends. One day, he meets Dhanam (Swathy), a school final year student and its romance straightaway. Interestingly her father works in Tuticorin Port while her uncle is a advocate. Jayam’s brother has political influence.

When the romance between Jayam and Dhanam comes to light, all heels break loose in both the families. The couples flee their house and situations become murkier. But when they return to their house, they are shaken and stirred. But the highlight is the climax that is racy and riveting.


Lagubaran and Swathy doesn’t look like novices. Both gets under the skin of the character and excels. Their on-screen chemistry is awesome.

All the rest of the cast including Thangaswamy as Lagubaran’s brother and Elizabeth as Swathy’s mom play their part well. The director deserves accolades for choosing right faces to do each and every role.


Thangsamy should be commended for using Tuticorin as its backdrop. The background offers some freshness to the script.
A realistic film the climax makes up the movie. It is no doubt a harsh reality. Pain for some becomes pleasure for others. Music by Manurameshan and cinematography by Raj Sundar is adequate

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