img245/6789/goalob5.jpgdirector: Kamal
Producer: Neelagiri Productions
Cast: Rajith, Aksha, Muktha, Rahman, Salim Kumar, Mukesh, Captain Raju, Poornima, Mithun, Jenny
Music: Vidyasagar
Lyrics: Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma

After the Vishu bang of big films is over, the most awaited film for this summer is not a super star film. But it’s Kamal’s Goal with all newcomers!

The film with the backdrop of a boarding school in Ootty has football and love as the theme. The film which is planned to make a release on this May 11th is eagerly awaited by all the youth audience in Kerala.

The film scripted by Kalavoor Ravikumar bases on some of the fresh characterizations in Malluwood. The major protagonists of the movie are Sam, Nithu and Mary Lukko, all played by newcomers.



He is the guy who waits at the side lines of the foot ball court to throw in the ball that goes out of the fields, when football matches are on at the Good Shepherd School grounds at Ootty. His father Samuel was also a footballer who had played for the Mohun Bagan club. Actually he is an orphan, who was left alone, after his father went to find his mother who was long been missing. This job at school was the one that kept Sam going. The chief football coach of the school, Vijay has a special interest on Sam, as he knows that Sam also plays good football. Sam is being presented on screen by 19 year old Rajath Menon, who is a mechanical engg student at Chennai.


She is a plus one student at the Good Shepherd School. She is also the one and only daughter of Coach Vijay’s elder sister. Her parents are working at the gulf and Nithu is at present staying with Vijay. She is the smartest girl of the school with a great humor sense. Nithu is presented on screen by Aksha, a 16 year old model. She hails from Bombay and has appeared in a number of national ad campaigns like Mister White, Eva, Horlicks and Stayfree.


She is the best friend of Sam. She is from a family which was very close to Sam’s father. Maria is presently a worker in the canteen of the school. Played by Muktha, who shooted to stardom with her pivotal roles in Achanurangaatha Veedu and Thamirabharani, the actress is taking a break after this film for her studies.

Mary Luco

She is one of the strict teachers in Good Shepherd. She believes that the extra curricular activities has nothing to do with her pupil’s development and that they must always concentrate on studies rather than wasting time on other activities. Kamal is introducing Dolly Bindre from Hollywood for this role. Even though she is too busy in Bollywood with a number of comedy character waiting for her, she found time to be with Goal, her debut film in Malluwood.

As the school regularly makes a washout failures in inter school league matches, the coach is forced to bring in Sam, who is a ground staff of the school. He takes an admission in the school and become a member of the football team. This creates a lot of tensions from the existing team mates as they are not prepared to have a match with a ground staff, playing for their eleven. But Sam has his priorities and a group of good friends. The film makes a youthful travel through the football matches between two schools that are arch rivals and the changes that makes in the relations of the onlookers and the players of the game.

The others in the cast are Rahman, who plays a football coach, Mukesh, Jenny (Meera Jasmine’s sister), Ambika Mohan and Salim Kumar. A lot of young students make their debut through the film. The film has some great music by Vidyasagar, and camera is by P.Sukumar.

A lot of hopes have been pinned around this romantic sports flick as it by the master Creator of Youthful Films, Kamal. He is one director who understands the pulse of the youth and has dished out hits with newcomers like Niram, Nammal and Swapnakoodu. So just wait for a couple of days more, to see a golden goal, on Screen.

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