Ring Master Movie Review

Movie: Ring Master
Director: Raffi
Cast: Dileep, Honey Rose, Keerthi Suresh
Music: Gopi Sundar

The best thing about Dileep is that he knows his strengths and weaknesses perhaps more than anyone else. In Raffi’s Ring Master, the hero makes full use of his comic timing and is in full form. For the viewers, what is in display is 154 minutes of fun and entertainment.

Prince (Dileep) is a dog trainer, who is send to the house of a moneybags NRI, by his friend, a vet Dr. Muthu (Kalabhavan Shajon). He has to take care of the house and the dogs there, when the house owner (played by Ranjini) is away in London.

Lots of things happens during his stay there with the dogs, which includes meeting a blind neighbor Karthika (Keerthi Suresh), a young girl who walks with the help of a guide dog.

Sometime later, Prince takes a dog named Diana to a film set for shooting and things get complicated as the heroine there too has the same name. Diana (Honey Rose), the heroine, hates Prince. But then, this movie is all about Dileep and his pet dog!

Well, we won’t play spoilsports and take the fun away by narrating more.

With a nice script and imaginative direction, Raffi (of the erstwhile Raffi-Mecartin duo), proves once again that his comic timing that was revealed in films like Punjabi House, Thenkasippatanam and a few others in the past, is there with him intact. Shaji’s visuals and Gopi Sundar’s music add to the mood in a big way.

Hats off to the entire team for taking so much efforts by managing the dogs and also for using the canines to churn out funny scenes one after the other.

From the word ‘go’, Dileep takes the viewers along in a smart way, with his superb comic timing. The lines are well written and the hero adds his style to it all, in an entertaining way. He has evidently planned things well, as this one could win over the families, especially the kids.

The rest of the cast has done their parts quite well. Honey Rose fits in perfectly to her role and Keerthi Suresh comes up with an impressive show. Kalabhavan Shajon and Suraj Venjarammoodu need a special mention for their performances.

Ring Master may defy logic at times but is a laugh riot that is genuinely entertaining. If you are looking for a good laugh at the theatres, this one could be a fine option this holiday season. Watch this one.

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