romioBanner: M H M productions
Cast: Dileep, Vimala Raman, Bheeman Reghu, Ashokan, T P Madhavan, cochin Haneef, Mallika Sukumaran, Bindu Panikkar, Subu Lekshmy

Direction: Rajasenan
Music: Alex Paul




As the name suggests, it is all about a guy who gets infatuated to girls who sing! The producers and script writers Rafi and Mecartin and director Rajasenan operates on the belief that having funny people on screen is enough to get laughs.

Romeo is supposed to be a laugh-spinner centered on Manu (Dileep) a male nurse in a hospital who gets into all sorts of hilarious situations and ends up with three women wanting to marry him! Manu’s father is Ratheesh Kumar (Cochin Haneefa) a good-for-nothing junior artist, while his mom (Mallika Sukumaran) is a judge in a reality show “Kitex Mega Singer”.

Manu is a music buff and soon gets infatuated to Leena (Samvrutha), the star contestant in the reality show where his mom is the judge. Then there is Priya (Vimala Raman) a doctor in the hospital he works, who is madly in loveromio with him! At the same time Leena’s father a cunning businessman Avarachan ( Bheeman Reghu) bribes Manu’s dad With Rs 5 lakhs, so that Leena will be presented the title of the super singer but the operation backfires and she loses!

A fuming Avarachan baying for the blood of Rateesh Kumar and Manu (Dileep) is confronted by their pal Prasanth (Sooraj Venjaranmoodu) who tells him that his daughter is in love with Manu. Avarachan says if Manu has to marry Leena, he has to change his religion. To save his father,Manu baptizes and becomes Manual, but Avarachan plays dirty and the marriage does not take place. Manuel alias Manu is humiliated for changing his religion and thrown out of work.

Prasanth finds him a job as a male nurse to a mentally disturbed person Ramanathan (Riza Bava) in a Brahmin Agraharam and he changes his name to Subramani! Soon the neighborhood girl Bhama (Sruthilakshmi) who also sings temple ‘Bhajans’ fall in love with Subramani, which is fiercely opposed by the guy (Asokhan) a drunkard who is to marry her.

Confusion piles up when Raghava Menon, Dr Priya’s father a retired CBI officer finds a ‘morphed’ picture of his daughter and Manuel, leading to further twist in the story. All the characters in the film meet at Menon’s resort and the final slapstick madness begins leading to a climax where all the three girls are supposed to marry Manu, Manuel and Subramani!!

Rafi and Mecartin loves the Priyadarsan type of comedies where bus load of characters, some of them with mistaken identities, others with their own comic agenda meet in the climax and its total bedlam. Once more the “mad, mad, mad world formula” has been beaten to death. There is no original bone in the story or narration, everybody does their comic act and provide their quota of laughs and disappears.

romioDileep, Haneefa, Sooraj, Salim Kumar, Bheeman Reghu (comic villain), Riza Bava, Asokhan, Malika Sukumaran (a new addition to the laugh brigade) does their roles competently and proves again that they have terrific comedy timing, while the girls Vimala, Samvrutha and Sruthilakshmi looks good.

The highlight of the film is the peppy and melodious Alex Paul number Kilichundan mavil thanupu ulla thanalil…, which is well picturised. If you have nothing else to do, try out Romeo which will appeal to audiences who love feel-good comedies.

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