Rose Guitarinaal Movie Review

Rose Guitarinaal

Movie : Rose Guitarinaal
Director : Ranjan Pramod
Music : Shahabaz Aman
Cast : Athmeeya, Manu, Richard, Rejath Menon

Ranjan Pramod, who has scripted some fabulous movies in the past like Meesa Madhavan, Achuvinte Amma, Naran and Manassinakkare, directed a dud called Photographer six years ago and has been silent ever since. Now, he is back with a musical love story, titled Rose Guitarinaal.

Tara (Athmeeya) comes from modest surroundings and is a trainee at a chic airline company. Joe (Manu), a sales executive at a bank, loves her but never has the courage to reveal his feelings. In between, Tara falls for Shyam (Richard), the CEO of the company where she works. Shyam’s friend, Binoy (Rejath Menon), hates this affair and he has some reasons for doing so.

If you are not expecting too much, the film has its moments and the characters have been etched out well. The performances of the cast help in the process as well. At least here, the rich boy doesn’t ditch the poor girl, which is mandatory in our films. There are some nice lines involving Tara and her dad (played by Jagadeesh). Also the subtle romance between Tara and Shyam is attractive at times.

If those are the film’s pluses, it will require pages to list out the minuses. This is perhaps the kind of film that gives scant regard for the viewer. You may remain wondering the relevance of this unconventional title and never get an answer. The behavior of the characters tends to become surprisingly naïve as well after a while.

The director painstakingly adds too many songs in the film and that could irritate the viewer no less. The narrative falls flat after a while and you end up cringing in the seats waiting for this never ending saga to come to a close. Pappu’s visuals are really good and Shahabaz Aman’s music is fine in parts.

Athmeeya looks nice in the role as a confused lover, Richard makes the character likeable, Manu is fine as the angry loser and Rejath is good as the flirty youth.

There are times when the talent of the writer-director is in display, in Rose Guitaarinal. But it will require real patience to spot them, amidst a mostly boring narration. Now, the choice is yours!

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