Sadhurangam Movie Review

Cast: Srikanth, Sonia Agarwal, Mahadevan
Direction: Karu Palaniappan
Music: Vidysagar

Karu Pazhaniappan was working as a journalist before entering into the cine field. He has used his experience and in-depth knowledge in journalistic field in making this movie. The director, who is known for making films with a different idea hasn’t disappointed us. He has chosen to tell us the life of a bold journalist. He has done this with an engaging script.

The basic premise of the story may not be new (the eternal fight between the good and evil). But Karu has chosen a different backdrop and worked meticulously to present it with a different flavor.

The storyline goes like this: Thirupathisamy (Srikanth) is an investigative journalist in a Tamil weekly. His investigative reports and articles expose the corrupt politicians and the nexus between politicians and the business people. He also exposes the horrible status of the jails. His works create awareness and political problem. The persons affected by him woes to take revenge.

Meanwhile he falls for Indhu (Sonia Agarwal), a college student, who also likes him so much. They decide to get married but someone plays havoc in Thiru’s life. Indhu is mysteriously abducted before they get engaged.

Clueless Thiru gets raged and desperate to find his lover. He gets some lead through a phone call. His brain work and the power of fist manage to save the girl.

Karu Pazhaniappan talks about the challenges faced by a journalist, who wants to tell the truth without bothering about the consequences. The nuances of journalism are depicted in a realistic manner. The pleasant love story – a stamp of Karu – has also been told without diluting the storyline.

Pithamagan Mahadevan’s character is a surprise, as the person chooses to help the hero despite being affected by him. Karu has shown that a person with questionable reputation in his business need not be a bad person in all aspects. Karu shows Indhu’s unhappiness over the ‘unromantic’ nature Thiru. This reflects the impact of the one’s obsession towards his profession. Anyone who takes his profession with a missionary zeal is likely to lose some charm in his or her personal life. Karu has beautifully shown this in the depiction of the love affair between Thiru and Indhu. These two segments show his maturity as a creator.

Pazhaniappan’s dialogues are sharp. He takes on everything including the media.

However, the kidnap drama could have been handled better. The clichéd climax is a big letdown.

Srikanth’s powerful performance is the major strength of the movie. Sonia Agarwal has handled the romantic girl with some maturity well. Pithamagan Mahadevan, Ganesh Yadav, Bose Venkat, Manivanan, Sriman, Saranya Ponvannan have added value to the movie. Ilavarasu’s character provides some fun.

Vidyasagar’s songs have flair and the song Vizhiyum Vizhiyum sounds good. But the placement of the song mars the impact.

Overall, Karu Pzhaniappan’s Sadhurangam has come out as a neat movie depicting the life of a young and bold journalist. The movie would have been an excellent one had Karu paid more attention on the pace in the second half, the kidnap drama and the climax.

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