Saguni Movie Review

Film: Saguni
Starring: Karthi, Praneetha, Prakash Raj, Radhika, Santhanam, Roja, Kota Srinivas Rao and others
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Shankar Dayal
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh (Telugu) and Antony Xavier (Original)
Banner: Dream Warrior Pictures
Music:G V Prakash Kumar

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Editing: A Sreekar Prasad
Cinematography: PG Muthaiah
CBFC rating: U/A
Release date: 22-06-2012


Kamal Krishna (Karthi) is a soft guy based in Samarlakota. He strives hard to continue the charity work started by his parents. His ancestral house which is coming in the way of a Railway project will be ceased by the Government. He comes to Hyderabad to give a petition to the Chief Minister Bhoopathi (Prakash Raj) to save his house. He later comes to know it is actually the Chief Minister who is behind the project. Humiliated Kamal revolts against the CM and grows in politics by leaps and bounds. And the rise of Kamal in politics forms the actual story.


Karthi is at his best in the character of Kamal. He gave his best for it but the director failed to use him completely as an actor. His attempt to dub his own voice is commendable. He had put in decent efforts in dancing and fights. His costumes are neat and styling suited to that of a political leader. He has good histrionics and face value which appeal for Telugu audience even though he is a Tamilian and it will do good in the long run in AP.

Pranitha played the character of Sri Devi who is Kamal’s mardalu in the movie. She has very limited screen presence and is okay in them. Radhika, Roja, Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivasa Rao are good in the limited roles they are offered. Santhanam’s comedy track is good and had almost equal screen presence to hero in the first half.

Technical Performance:

Director Shankar Dayal is the black sheep. He let the movie down with awful screenplay and bad narration. The entire first half of the movie is wasted with out going in to the story. He did not take care to add enough ‘build up’ to the hero character which is very much needed in the political dramas. Cinematography by Muthaiah is good. Sreekar Prasad’s editing should have been better in the first half. GV Prakash’s songs are good. All of them are well picturised. And the back ground score is a total let down.

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