Sampath -The ‘Item Man’ of South India!

Actor Sampath does not mind the tag of ‘Item Man’ behind his name. In fact, the South Indian actor is the self proclaimed ‘Item Man’ of the South Indian film industry! In a recent statement to the media, Sampath says that he is loving the role of an item song dancer in films, especially after his recently concluded dance number for Malayam movie ‘The Thriller’.

Speaking to the media, Sampath states that the best part of the item dance in ‘The Thriller’ was his dance partner. He was paired opposite an Ukrainian professional dancer and keeping his reactions in mind, Sampath surely seems bowled over by the Ukrainian lady. The actor candidly admits that his dance steps looked very amateurish in front of a professional dancer’s. He recalls that she was so flexible that for an instant he was forced to think that the girl is probably boneless! But nevertheless, he did put in his best efforts to match steps with the Ukrainian and the actor is sure that his fans and the audience in general will appreciate the end result.

The film has already hit theaters and it is yet to be seen which role the audiences prefer to see Sampath in, the villain that he plays in ‘The Thriller’ or the ‘Item Man’ that he wants to be known as!

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